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Archive for June 2016

27th Annual General Assembly 2016

The 27th annual CNYC general assembly took place on June 28 – 30, 2016 in Eastmain, Quebec. The meeting location was at Stajune Complex commencing at 9:00 am June 28, 2016. LIST OF DOCUMENTS PRESENTED AT THE CNYC AGA 2016 “Cree Housing Realities & Home Ownership” Lawrence Katapatuk, CNG Regional Housing Planner “Cree Health Board” Bella Petawabano, Chairperson…

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The N’We Jinan Festival Mistissini 2016

Celebrating the talent in Eeyou Istchee and beyond! June 24 & 25th in the Cree Nation of Mistissini. PERFORMANCE ARTISTS The NorthStars Kzo Jossée Bernier Mariame Joshua Salt Sigoun Wapachee JayLyfe Matt Iserhoff Alexandre Blacksmith Tom Polson Waseshkuun Singers New Moon Classic Roots Simple Human Tribe N’WE JINAN VOLUME 3 ARTISTS EDUCATORS Catherine Orr of Calm…

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