27th Annual General Assembly 2016


The 27th annual CNYC general assembly took place on June 28 – 30, 2016 in Eastmain, Quebec. The meeting location was at Stajune Complex commencing at 9:00 am June 28, 2016.



One of the most powerful moments during the AGA was the discussion periods. At these periods our youth were enabled to discuss matters to them in selected topics:

1) Social Issues 2) Education 3) Health 4) Culture and Traditions

Each community given time to deliberate what is biggest concern/issue concerning the topic and find a resolution to tackle this matter. Then they presented their thoughts to the assembly on each topic.

I for one was greatly touched, moved and inspired by the words of youth. They were given a moment, an opportunity to speak, to voice themselves and no doubt delivered! Each delegate had a minute to express. For some it took a moment to find the courage to say let out the first word but then brilliant and meaningful words came out. You knew they cared deeply for what they spoke.

It was the most satisfying moments because I knew, we CNYC as an organization achieved several objectives which is for one, give our youth an opportunity. Secondly, develop leaders because that is what I heard. Young Cree leaders whom represented their communities at this assembly.

For CNYC, It was our time to listen! Now we shall find ways, exploring the wishes of our youth and to meet the mandates given to us.

The energy at the assembly was great hope and enthusiasm we will overcome these obstacles/issues we face together as we finished, with a bit of blues we had to depart to each of our communities and say good bye to the new friends.

We hope everyone left lifted and inspired. Although there is plenty of work that needs to be done and ACTION is the factor that is most required. I have no doubt the members within the CNYC, the Youth Chiefs & Youth Development Coordinators, and CREE YOUTH have the PASSION to play their part in making positive changes in the Cree Nation.

*Following photos displays the issues that needs priority from each community by topic, then the delegation was requested to vote which issue should be priority in general for Cree Nation in each topic. At the end you’ll find the top priorities per topic, then the delegation was requested which was the most important overall for the Cree Nation*

Thank you,

Cree Nation Youth Council
Interim Youth Grand Chief
Alexander Moses