Consultation Report (2015-2016) for the development of a Cree Youth Strategic Action Plan

Objectives of community youth consultation

Objective 1

Gather the opinions of the youth

Objective 2

Document feedback received from the youth to identify important issues and solutions

Objective 3

Utilize information gathered towards he creation of a Cree Youth Strategic Action Plan, which would define Programs & Services offered by CNYC to the Youth.

The Cree Nation Youth Council delivers, sponsors and provides programming and services to the youth of Eeyou Istchee. These programs and services are funded by the Secrétariat a la Jeunesse Quebec and by Cree Nation Government funding. The need for consultation with Cree youth is based on two main principals:

1) In order for Cree Nation Youth Council to determine programs and services required and to understand the needs of its members we believe it is important to listen to the youth. CNYC exists to work with and for youth to help them be successful and happy in their lives. In this consultation process the youth have provided excellent feedback on a large number of issues and concerns. They have provided their ideas and suggestions and solutions that they can relate to.

The issues and concerns expressed reflect in many respects the issues and concerns of the Cree Nation as a whole. Education, Health and Employment are the touchstones of most societies and the Cree youth are not different in this respect. We are especially happy to state that the number one issue for youth was Education.

2) The results of the consultation are an important driver for the CNYC development of a “Cree Youth Strategic Action Plan” . This 5-year plan based in large part on the consultations will outline the programs and services that the Cree Nation Youth Council will pursue on behalf of Cree Youth for the next five years of the funding agreement. The coming five-year period will be an exciting one for the CNYC and for Cree Youth as we are ready to focus on the issues facing the youth. We will get started with a solid action Plan that will not only provide direction for programs and services but also begin the process of developing the CNYC as a fully structured organization. The next five years promise to be years of growth and administrative maturity for our organization.

Youth were consulted
Inland Youth
Coastal Youth
Urban Youth